Summer Internship

2024 Internship Applications are currently closed. Applications for next year will open in January 2025.

The Beaumont Heritage Society and Chambers House Museum are committed to fostering education for the next generation of museum professionals.

About Beaumont Heritage Society: When Ms. Florence Chambers formed the C. Homer and Edith Fuller Chambers Foundation in honor of her parents to preserve her home on Calder Ave, she also selected the Beaumont Heritage Society to manage and interpret the home and its collections.

Beaumont Heritage Society is a nonprofit, organized for educational and civic purposes to preserve and interpret the historic collections of the John Jay French Museum and the Chambers House Museum to foster a connection to Beaumont’s history and inspire others to value preservation and heritage for the benefit of the community.

Summer Intern 2022, Kat McAtee.

About the Chambers House Museum: The Chambers House Museum represents a time in Beaumont when both timber and oil were highly successful industries bringing major growth to the area. The Chambers house stands as nearly the sole survivor to tell the tale and is a fine example of what life was like for an upper-middle-class family in a city rapidly changed through two successful industries centered around the natural resources of the area. The museum, built in 1907 by a local lumberman, was sold to the Chambers family in 1914. The house was remodeled extensively in 1924, and never changed or modernized again. Nearly 90 years of family possessions were found in the home upon Florence Chambers’ death in 2004, many dating to the time of the 1924 remodel. Not only does the home still stand, but an enormous number of personal items are contained within telling the story of daily life in a time long past.

Position Summary and Duties: The intern will be responsible for working with the museum’s collections, including but not limited to data entry, collections care, research, exhibit design, and assistance with tours as needed. Reports to Collections Manager and works out of new Archive Building.

Qualifications: Must have an interest in history, museums, and/or museum collections. Undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students, and early-career professionals are encouraged to apply Interns are responsible for their housing and transportation.

Timeline: The timeline of the internship is flexible between the months of May and September. The internship period is for a total of 8 weeks, 28 hours a week, with an hourly rate of $15.00. The work schedule is Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Deadline: Summer internship applications are closed for 2024. Please check back in January 2025.

How to Apply: Send a cover letter, resume, and one letter of recommendation to Shelby Brannan at