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Visit the Chambers House Museum today! The Chambers House Museum represents a time in Beaumont when both timber and oil were highly successful industries bringing major growth to the area. The Chambers house stands as nearly a sole survivor to tell the tale and is a fine example of what life was like for an upper-middle class family in a city rapidly changed through two successful industries centered around the natural resources of the area. The museum, built in 1907 by a local lumberman, was sold to the Chambers family in 1914. C. Homer and Edith Fuller Chambers moved into the home with their two young daughters, Ruth, 11 and Florence, 16 months old. The house was remodeled extensively in 1924, and never changed or modernized again. Nearly 90 years of family possessions were found in the home upon Florence Chambers’ death in 2004, many dating to the time of the 1924 remodel. Not only does the home still stand, but an enormous number of personal items are contained within telling the story of daily life in a time long past.

5 years and over: $5.00
3 years and under: Free
School Group Tours: $2 per student (advanced notice required)